Start of a new series – my photographs

This is first of a, hopefully, regular series of posts highlighting the photographs that I have been taking. I will give some background information on the camera(s) / app(s) used and any other relevant information.

I have been using the app Filmborn on my iPhone to take photographs with a film look.

One of my favourite film emulations is “Ilford HP5” Black & White.

I took some “street” photographs using this setting on the 7th May 2017 in Birmingham. The photographs were taken while walking around the city on a Sunday morning and I was mostly looking at interplay of light and shadow. The exception to this is “Summer Savings” where I was drawn to the contrast in build between the man and the store dummies and the matching horizontal stripes on the man’s shirt and the dummy behind him.

Some of the photos were later cropped for use on Instagram and the “Instagram” crops are shown below.