New Linux desktop PC

After a period of deliberation on whether I actually need a desktop computer, I have now gone ahead and brought a new one!

The machine is more “low cost” than “high end” but is fine for what I will use it for. It has a quad core AMD FX 4100 processor, 8 Gigs of RAM and a 1TB disk. I did have plans to do a full PC build myself but in the end I brought the machine ready built as I didn’t think that self building this time around would result in any added value.

The machine will mainly be used for photo processing, video editing and software development. It is actually replacing two older desktop machines; my old Linux box that I killed by knocking it over 🙁 and an old Windows 7 machine that I have been using for video processing and iTunes.

I am now back in the situation where all of my computers are running Linux. I am still having some problems with iPod handling under Linux but maybe that is a story for a future post!