Cameras for Street Photography

Just lately I have been doing quite a lot of street photography and this has influenced my choice of camera equipment. I have been using my EOS DSLR less and my smaller cameras more. This includes by existing Canon G12 and two new acquisitions.

I had been thinking about the Fuji X20 for a while because of its features and good looks but had not been able to find one to try. I finally found an X20 at a branch of London Camera Exchange and, after trying it out in the shop, decided to buy it. The size, fast zoom lens and optical viewfinder make the X20 a good camera for street photography. The camera is not intimidating and this combined with it’s good auto-focus performance makes getting those “people” shots much easier than with a “big, black” DSLR.

My second “new” camera is an Olympus E-P1 that I picked up second-hand at the Wolverhampton Camera Fair. I had been wanting to check out the whole mirrorless scene, and Micro Four Thirds in particular, for a while but could not justify the cost. Going for a second-hand camera was a first step on the M4/3 ladder. The E-P1 came with the 14-42 kit lens but there are obviously other lenses available, more of this in later posts.

I have really enjoyed using both of these cameras. You can see some of the results on my Flickr Photostream.