Canon Powershot G12

I blogged awhile ago that I was thinking about getting a Canon Powershot G12. Well, I brought one a while ago but have not gotten around to talking about it here until now.

The G12 is very much in the same spirit as the G5 but much more modern; more pixels, bigger screen, more clever processing such as face detection, etc. It retains the screen articulation, RAW mode, fast(ish) lens and Tv, Av and manual modes that are the G series trademarks.

So far I am enjoying using the G12 very much. It feels good in the hand(s) and takes some very good photographs. The only real issue I hgave had so far is that Photoshop Elements 8 will not read the RAW files from the camera, it needs an upgraded version of “CAMERA RAW” which is not compatable with Elements 8. This is not the G12’s problem but an attempt from Adobe to get more people to upgrade to Elements 9. I am using the supplied Canon RAW software and this works OK but is not so convenient. I am not sure that I will upgrade as most of the other changes in “9” are additional “automatic” processing options that I do not use anyway.

Some pictures taken with the G12 can be seen on my flickr page, search for the G12 tag!